Planning Seperation

Are You Planning to Separate From Your Partner

Separation occurs where a married, de-facto or same sex couple stop acting as a genuine couple even though they could still be living in the same home. There is no ideal time to plan a separation but Kroesen & Co. Lawyers can provide comprehensive legal advice and support during this difficult time.

The experienced and understanding lawyers at Kroesen & Co. will help you make important life-changing decisions based on your individual situation. No matter your relationship category Kroesen & Co. Lawyers will be in a position to provide understandable plain English legal advice to help you through this difficult time.

If you are planning to separate from your partner, we suggest coming in to obtain advice on your best way forward. With the benefit of accurate legal advice, you will have a clearer path toward your new future.

The earlier you consult Kroesen & Co. Lawyers the more likely your matter can be resolved quickly and cost effectively so call us for an appointment today.